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Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Mandela Effect Poll..... what dimension am I In?

Apparently the question of "what freakin' dimension am I in?" has captured a lot of people's attention.  After the article I wrote last week:  "What TIME is it Mr. Wolf" and The Roundtable Discussion from Monday Aug 31, the questions brought up by Jim Stone and myself have been circulating through social media.

A friend of mind on facebook has put together a poll to keep track of peoples answers- and to ask a few new questions that I hadn't heard of yet.  And WOW!!!!  Seriously?!  Someone screwed up the time lines so that the #1 Darth Vader quote is now CHANGED?!?!  Now I'm offended!! lol.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in the poll about the Mandela Effect, and share it out on your websites, groups and social media.  The more people who answer, the greater look we will get at just HOW fucked up this all is!!

US East Coast Military Drills, Chinese Navy in Arctic....... Well that escalated quickly

I woke up this morning to a message that the US Military have called snap drills on the East Coast of America, that MAY interfer with air traffic...... yea....... no, nothing to see here.  Move along.

Last night, reports of Chinese Navy off the Shore of Alaska, exactly when Obama is making the first Presidential visit to the Arctic ever......

Putin is in Beijing, for the WWII Parade, and meeting with various world leaders at the same time...

Chinese and Russian Navy's and Military's are working together in extensive exercises and drills.... in the Sea of Japan, AND the Arctic......

.... And Hey!!!!  It's September!!!   Interesting.....

Keep your eyes open people... shit is getting real.


Last Minute East Coast Military Drills Send Out September Alarm As China Warships Seen Off Coast Of Alaska - Something Very Strange Is Going On!


With the Pentagon recently warning that 5 Chinese war ships were seen off of the coast of Alaska, we take a look at an alarming story from AINonline that tells us on very late notice from the Department of DefenseADS-B Surveillance and TCAS operations over Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida might become 'unreliable' as of 1 a.m. September 2nd. 

The National Airspace System has told the FAA that they need much more notice for such military exercises that we learn here will go on until October 1st and will cover up to 200 miles off of the East coast. As the 1st two videos below from Spiro and Professor Doom1tell us, this new information should be a major alert for the entire East coast and anyone at all who is paying attention.

Why would the US military suddenly need to run such exercises off of the East coast of America and on such very short notice? Does this have anything to do with the 1st time ever China war ships seen off of the coast of Alaska? Is all of this tied to the mysterious explosions that we have recently seen in China and the escalating hostile rhetoric, cyberattacks and financial warfare between the two nations? Following the 1st two videos below we take a look at recent reports of Chinese warships seen off the coast of Alaska as well as a video examining what appears to be World War 3 unfolding before our very eyes. 


Why should we be so concerned about these last minute military drills that will shut down the eyes and ears of much of the East Coast in September? As Professor Doom points out, with everything else that has been going on in recently including wellness checks in South Carolina, countless military drills coming out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina and nuclear apocalypse drills in Florida, do they know that something bad is about to occur? You can check out the FAA's announcement of these exercises here

With Russian spy ships recently reported to be operating off of the East Coast while they've also been conducting long-range bomber exercises near US shores and off of the Gulf of Mexico, are we about to witness a major escalation of hostilities towards the US by China, Russia or other hostile entities such as North Korea? As our videographers point out, there is something very strange about these 'drills'. 

In the 4th video below fromTruthNeverTold , we hear that Henry Kissinger predicted World War 3 with China. Are all of these recent developments more signs that Kissinger's warning is about to come true? Why would the US military broadcast these outages to the world over the next month, possibly giving our enemies an opportunity to take advantage of this situation to do us harm? Coming during the last 2 weeks of Jade Helm 15 and lasting until two weeks after the exercises are supposed to wrap up, the timing of all of this is crucial we can see.

Continue reading on All New Pipeline (lots of videos) HERE:

TCAS, ADS-B Unreliable on East Coast During September

 - September 1, 2015, 4:18 PM
ADS-B surveillance and some TCAS operations in the airspace over Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida might become unreliable as of September 2 at 1 a.m.EDT, according to a Notam the FAA issued on September 1. The outages are due to events the agency labeled as “late notice from the Department of Defense of military exercises.”NBAA “voiced its concern to the FAA that these sort of significant impact tests need much more notice to operators in the National Airspace System.”
The outages are scheduled to last until midnight October 1. In addition to the areas of concern noted in domestic airspace, the FAA said the outages might well extend up to 200-nm offshore.
The agency said one outage symptom could be the tracks of nearby aircraft first appearing close to the primary aircraft that immediately switch to a traffic alert/resolution alert status onTCAS. Pilots should maintain a heightened watch on the airspace around them and report any incidents of nearby aircraft they believe should have generated alerts, but did not. The relevant Notam numbers are 5/2817, 5/2818, 5/2819, 5/2820 and 5/2834.

I also found some very interesting information on this forum, which is open for public reading:

The DEFCON Warning System Message Board

Follow the above information, with this information that was released in the main stream media yesterday:

September 3, 2015 6:02 am

Chinese navy sails off Alaska coast as Obama visits Arctic

Five Chinese navy ships have sailed off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, as Barack Obama made the first visit by a sitting US president to the Arctic.
The US confirmed that the vessels were sailing through international waters near Alaska, in the latest example of the growing reach of the Chinese navy

“We are aware of the five People’s Liberation Army Navy ships in the Bering Sea,” said Commander Bill Urban, a Pentagon spokesman. “This is the first time we have observed PLAN ships in the Bering Sea.”

Taking place as Beijing staged a high-profile military parade on Thursday, and ahead of a visit to Washington by China’s President Xi Jinping later this month, the unprecedented demonstration of naval reach is a further reminder of China’s rising global assertiveness.

Roundtable Discussion- Shifting Timelines- Archive video

It would seem that the article I published last week:  "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?" opened the floodgates to a WHOLE lotta questions, and answered one major one for a whole lotta people:

.... No. You're not going insane.   Weird shit really is happening right now, lol.

The two questions I asked in the article about How many US moon landings do you remember? and What is the Universal Donor Bloodtype? seem to have taken on a life of their own, at least on Facebook anyway!

In the past two weeks I have probably spent at least 50 hours in conversations  and discussion with several people on the topic of what the fuck is happening to our Time Line right now.  The more people I've talked to, the more incredible and far reaching this topic has become.

Monday night on the One People's Roundtable Discussion, Lisa Harrison and I laid out a LOT of data, reviewed multiple conversations that have been ongoing, and asked a LOT of questions.

... and we barely scratched the surface of this topic!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Transpicuous News: Video and UPDATES for Tues.

On the Transpicuous News Report, Sunday August 30th, we primarily focused on the Financial Insanity of this past week or so  (Archive Video below)

.. and Then Monday Arrived, the markets opened and did some more very interesting gyrations.

Further to the report, several interesting article have come out that highlight some very interesting information.  And it's not just the alternative media- Sputnik just published an article quoting Gerald Celente's doom predictions, which is an interesting twist in the propaganda machine of Russia.

Below are a few of the interesting articles that have come out lately, and a few of the screen shots from TN on Sunday.

US is Gearing Up for Onrushing Economic Apocalypse

America is hurling all of its effort into preparing for a September “apocalypse,” as economic forecasts are becoming more and more intimidating, RT columnist Robert Bridge wrote.
US Economic Confidence Index rating, confidence in the US economy among Americans dropped to its lowest level in July. Nothing to be surprised about, considering that each and every economy analyst deems it duty to share predictions on the country's nearest future in a campfire scary story manner...
It does seem like professional economists are competing in a think-of-the-most-dreadful-metaphor contest when describing what awaits global economy.
The founder of Trends Research, who predicted the "panic of 2008," believes that soon we will witness the crash of a global stock market and predicts
 "the economic earthquake [that] will send reverberations around the world".
"There's going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil." Celente told King World News. "You're going to see one market after another begin to collapse."
Analyst Larry Edelson took the fear to the next level as he even predicted the exact day the catastrophe begins, or, as he called it, a "rollercoaster ride through hell."
"On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions." He said.
"It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen."

Read more:

“Something” Just Happened!

The leverage in all markets suggests a “holiday” will occur because the unwinding cannot be orderly
by Bill Holter, SGT Report:
“Something” happened three weeks ago. While we cannot be sure “what” exactly happened, we can speculate. We have many dots and lots of data points to help us but first it needs to be pointed out, even if wrong in conclusion …just the knowledge alone that “something changed” is enough. If you know something has changed, you can take clues and look at various markets for inflection points. Currently, most markets are stretched to various limits. Whether it be zero bound credit markets, equities, real estate, commodities or gold and silver, all values had reached extreme highs or lows.
Something changed three weeks ago and a series of events began. It all started with China announcing 600 additional tons of gold. This was followed by the IMF rebuff of China, the three yuan devaluations and three “coincidental” explosions. Then equity markets around the world (which were already weak) began to violently unravel and finally spilled over to the U.S.. This tested the PPT’s limits (which were apparently $23 billion last week).....
There were several more major anomalies in gold. As of Friday, there were 63 August contracts still open …even though the contract went off the board. This has NEVER happened in 40 years! How is this possible?...
Over in silver, did you know they had confirmed volume on Thursday of 122,482 contracts traded? Did you know this represents 612 MILLION ounces of silver …or over 87% of annual global silver production ex China and Russia? How in the world does 87% of a full year’s production trade in just several hours? Doesn’t this go against commodity laws? AND, silver was pummeled on Thursday so it was supposed to represent PANIC SELLING. Who was panicking and needed to sell all that silver so fast? ....
Before telling you what I think has changed, we need to look at what China has just done. China has sold $100 billion worth of Treasury bonds over the last two weeks....the Federal Reserve had to buy the $100 billion worth of bonds. This is “reverse” QE or as they now say “QT” (quantitative tightening).
....The important thing is you understand “something” very big has happened and trends are changing in many markets. The leverage in all markets suggests a “holiday” will occur because the unwinding cannot be orderly. The “unwinding” by the way will need to undue the credit built upon credit going all the way back to Aug. 15, 1971!

BNY Scrambles To Fix Unresolved ETF "Glitch" By Monday Market Open

Tyler Durden's picture

Last weekend, someone at SunGard Data Systems tried to implement an upgrade to the accounting system that Bank of New York Mellon uses to calculate NAVs for the mutual fund and ETF industries. Well wouldn’t you know it, there was a "glitch" after which something became "corrupted" (so, kind of like what happens inside the Beltway on a daily basis) and so, come Monday, investors couldn’t get accurate assessments of the fair value for the funds. 
Speaking of last Monday, if memory serves us, something notable happened in equity markets... oh, that’s right, the Dow crashed 1,000 points out of the gate in a harrowing bout of flash-crashing, circuit breaker-tripping mayhem and that, according to SunGard, is completely unrelated to the fact that the company still, as of Sunday night, had not calculated NAVs for all of the affected funds.  WSJ has more:
Bank of New York Mellon Corp.’s chief executive warned clients that his firm might not be able to solve all pricing problems caused by a computer glitch before markets open Monday, the latest delay in an unprecedented outage that has frustrated investors and prevented nearly 50 fund companies from providing accurate values for their holdings.

It “has taken far longer than any of us would have expected,” CEO Gerald Hassell said in a Sunday night conference call.

More than 100 employees at the New York company worked through the weekend to correct the glitch and provide up-to-date pricing for roughly 1,200 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that have lacked accurate asset value figures since last Monday.

Mr. Hassell said BNY Mellon had calculated the net asset values for all funds through last Thursday, with the exception of one company. BNY didn’t name the company. Mr. Hassell told clients that the task would be complete for mutual funds sometime Monday morning but didn’t promise to provide all values before the market opens. Correct prices for exchange-traded funds are expected to be fixed before the open, he said.

The outage has roiled money-management firms that strive to provide investors with accurate pricing for their funds. In its first attempt at quantifying the outage, BNY Mellon said that 20 mutual-fund companies and 26 providers of exchange-traded funds had been affected.

Setbacks in resolving the issue have put BNY Mellon’s reputation on the line, said analysts, likely prompting some clients to at least consider whether to move their business to a rival custodian.

Fund companies affected include Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Guggenheim Investments, Prudential Investments, Federated Investors and Invesco PowerShares. All have had to rely on backup methods for calculating asset values, and are now reconciling the values that they published last week with the new data provided by BNY Mellon.
Got that? Essentially, if you own an ETF or a mutual fund provided by one of the affected companies, there’s no way to be sure that the NAV you’re looking at is accurate. ....
....Now to be fair, no one will ever know precisely what went wrong with the ETF pricing model last Monday, and our guess is that broken, manipulated markets are the root cause of the problem and to the extent that a “glitch” in SunGard’s systems is to blame, we can’t help but think that the sheer chaos which unfolded after the opening bell last Monday might have simply overwhelmed or otherwise confused the system. 
Of course Bank of New York Mellon can’t simply come out and say that broken markets broke its accounting software because that would be to place the blame squarely where it belongs and everyone knows that is a very dangerous thing to do.

China Rocked By Another Massive Chemical Explosion

Tyler Durden's picture

Seriously, what the f##k is going on over there?
This is the second explosion in Shandong, which both follow the huge and deadly explosion in Tianjin....

China to close around 10,000 factories this week to ensure blue skies for big parade

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category:  News
Author: Eamonn Sheridan

Xinhua News Agency reports on preparations for the big parade in Beijing on Thursday

  • Temporary controls to last from August 28 to September 4
  • More than 10,000 factories reducing or stopping production
  • The suspension order for factories and steel mills covers a total of seven provinces      
  • Work on nearly 9,000 construction sites stalling
  • Restrictions on road traffic
  • China is planning a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II
  • The area affected is bigger than that during APEC in November 2014
Let's hope it all goes off smoothly and safely. Markets will, of course, be concerned about the impact of slowing production in China amidst broader concerns on the economy.

Markets will be concerned about slowed production?!?   Are you kidding me?  China's production - especially in the Steel industry has all but ground to a halt over the past few months BECAUSE NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY TO ORDER NEW SHIPS, CARS, CONTAINERS ETC.....  The shipping rates index plummeted in July and August in a desperate attempt to convince companies to ship something.... ANYTHING!  Because no one is BUYING.   So is China's massive industry shutdown about clearing up the pollution so they have lovely blue skies for the day of their parade..... or is it a drastic attempt to equalize production vs sales? 

And Then there Was Today....

Markets sank globally today, with the DOW closing 469points down.... BUT, THIS was an interesting piece of information:

The little-used NYSE rule that can tame a wild market

The New York Stock Exchange invoked the little-used Rule 48 to pre-empt panic trading at the stock market open on Tuesday after implementing it three times in a row last week.The goal of Rule 48 is to ensure orderly trading amid financial market turbulence. It's only used in the event that extremely high market volatility is likely to have a floor-wide impact on the ability of designated market makers (DMMs) to disseminate price indications before the bell.
Unlike a circuit breaker that stops stock trading, Rule 48 speeds up the opening by suspending the requirement that stock prices be announced at the market open. Those prices have to be approved by stock market floor managers before trading actually begins. Without that approval, stock trading can begin sooner.
To invoke Rule 48, an exchange would have to determine that certain conditions exist that would cause market disruptions. Those conditions include:

  • volatility during the previous day's trading session
  • trading in foreign markets before the open
  • substantial activity in the futures market before the open
  • the volume of pre-opening indications of interest
  • government announcements
Rule 48 was invoked a few times in recent years, including on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 and on Thursday, May 20, 2010. ...

Definition of Rule 48:

In the event that extremely high market volatility is likely to have a Floor-wide impact on the ability of [Designated Market Makers] to arrange for the fair and orderly opening, reopening following a market-wide halt of trading at the Exchange, or closing of trading at the Exchange and that absent relief, the operation of the Exchange is likely to be impaired, a qualified Exchange officer may declare an extreme market volatility condition with respect to trading on or through the facilities of the Exchange.

.. and because I mentioned this Jim Willie interview during TN, here is the video:

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Roundtable Discussion: Shifting Time Lines.... WTF?!

It would seem that the article I published last week:  "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?" opened the floodgates to a WHOLE lotta questions, and answered one major one for a whole lotta people:

.... No. You're not going insane.   Weird shit really is happening right now, lol.

The two questions I asked in the article about How many US moon landings do you remember? and What is the Universal Donor Bloodtype? seem to have taken on a life of their own, at least on Facebook anyway!

In the past two weeks I have probably spent at least 50 hours in conversations  and discussion with several people on the topic of what the fuck is happening to our Time Line right now.  The more people I've talked to, the more incredible and far reaching this topic has become.

Tomorrow night on the One People's Roundtable Discussion, Lisa Harrison and I will be laying out a LOT of data, reviewing multiple conversations that have been ongoing, and asking a LOT of questions.

Join us tomorrow, Monday night at 11pm London/ 6pm EDT for the LIVE Stream Broadcast of the Roundtable Discussion on CCN

You can also be part of the conversation in the Chat room on Lisa's website:

Or you can Watch the Show live right here on RTS or on the RTS facebook page.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

New "SIM" City to be built at "the Cross" New Mexico?

Interesting.... I remember when this project was first announced in 2012... then cancelled, then brought back to life, sorta, in 2014.....  And now again, Pegasus Holdings is talking about building their "SIM City", with plans to start construction in the next three months.... in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

... Can you say perfect film stage for just about any natural disaster, terrorist attack, false flag or "war"?

New $1.4 billion city is being built in the desert


AT FIRST glance it appears to be an illusion — a giant, very pricey one.
A new city is being built in the middle of the desert at a whopping price tag of $1.4 billion and while it’s a very real place, it’s unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Despite featuring all the infrastructure you’d expect to find in a normal city, including skyscrapers, 35,000 homes, a shopping centre, church, service station and an airport, nobody will be allowed to live here.
The 38-square-kilometre area will also encompass farms, an industrial area, a rural road system and a highway.
It will be under constant surveillance and connected by underground tunnels, yet there will be no colourful details such as artwork or billboards.
Welcome to the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE), a planned ghost town for New Mexico, America.
Essentially, it’s a huge, fully functional test city, the first of its kind in the world.

According to development company Pegasus Global Holdings: “City Lab will be a representative example of a modern day, mid-sized American city. It will ... include urban, suburban and rural zones as well as the corresponding infrastructure.
“City Lab will be pre-wired for data collection giving researchers the ability to simulate system-wide scenarios and then draw data from such activities.
“It’s the first of its kind, in scale and scope.”
Here, drones will rule the sky as they test out the delivery of goods, and roads will be filled with driverless cars and trucks. And the beauty of it being empty of humans is that if something goes wrong, there won’t be any mass injuries.
It will be a true laboratory without the complication and safety issues associated with residents,” Bob Brumley, managing director of Pegasus says.
Here you can break things and run into things and get used to how they work, before taking them out into the market.”
Just 300 people will oversee experiments and maintain the city’s infrastructure.
It will have all the hallmarks of a real, functioning city. Picture: Pegasus Global Holdi

CITE is a replica of Rock Hill, South Carolina, which proved to be a great testing model due to its mix of old and new building materials.
But the project has suffered some setbacks.
Construction was originally scheduled to begin in June 2012, near the town of Hobbs, in the arid Lea County, but the project was put on hold due to environmental concerns.
Its fate then seemed to be heading in the direction of these other forgotten, unbuilt cities.
Now it’s full steam ahead with ground set to be broken outside of Las Cruces for the real-life Sim City within the next three months.

Definition of CRUCES

plural of crux

Definition of CRUX

:  a puzzling or difficult problem :  an unsolved question
:  an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome

Origin of CRUX

Latin cruc-, crux cross, torture
First Known Use: 1718

China's Empty Cities: These Satellite Images Will Shock You